0: Be excellent to one another. Failure to be a non jerk will result in dismissal.

0.1: No, really, don't be a jerk. Malcontents, wankers, and the perpetually irate who seek to dump their unending flood of woes on the rest of the faction/server/world, will find their stay short and unsatisfactory.

0.1.2: If hearing or seeing your name makes me sigh, you'll likely be dismissed.

0.2: Don't get
caught doing something considered less than legit.

0.2.1: Even if you -do- get caught, don't get "caught". Everyone has a price.

0.2.2: In the case of getting caught barrel rolls are encouraged.

1: Holo-deck server rules are to be obeyed at all times, there is no excuse for not being aware of these rules. Failure to adhere to the rules will be judged according to the infraction and resulting sanction.

1.1: But expect to be dismissed.

2: All members of the faction must be registered members of the Discovery forums. We apologize for the inconvenience, don't forget your waders and nose plugs.

2.1: Don't be a nubtard on the forums.

3: RP is paramount in game. Going in with all guns blazing will not be tolerated. Punishment is instant dismissal. Witty banter in local is to be rewarded with free drink coupons.

4: Your reputation sheet should reflect our diplomacy status. Hobnobbing with those damn dirty Yridians will result in being tarred and feathered. Punishment is one week to fix rep sheet with subsequently dismissal followed by liquidation of personal assets such as teeth and knees.

5: Ship and weapons are to match permitted lists at all times, no excuses. One day to fix, subsequently dismissal.

5.1 The shiplist is extremely vague. If it feels shady, ask first. If it doesnt feel shady, ask first.

6: OOC bantering is severely frowned upon. If youre discussing rules, your mother's cooking or which Power Ranger is your favorite and the text isnt green or pink, you're wrong. This is a kickable offense, there are plenty of clever ways to discuss such things if you're pressed to the point, we're clever people.

7: Real life comes first. This is an internet spaceship game. Its the goal that should you decide to spend your free time playing an internet spaceship game youll have a good time doing so.

All kills shall be attested to the stunning grace and battle prowess of The Shrike. The Shrike gets all of the kills. Failure to comply will result in instant dismissal.

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