Skype is very heavily encouraged.

- All submissions must include a Haiku.

Post in our lovely recruiting thread; but bear in mind that we're a snobby, elitist RP faction and we will snort upon your application with disdain if we feel that it contains insufficient levels of 'snuff'.

That being said we're actually not really at all. If we feel that your submission was simply made off hand it will be discarded with the same casual disdain, but we'll work with you day in and out if you're earnest about joining but are uncertain as to how you might proceed.

That also being said, no orphans! I understand that every hero needs an origin story, but we frown on any orphan that isn't cleaning out a chimney followed by having the good graces to die at the age where it ceases to be a lovable street urchin. Parent's who weren't killed by orcs prompting you to perform action X, are encouraged.

1. Do not create an IND character prior to being accepted. Doing so will result in an accounting error taking place, emptying your account and providing yet another of my ex wives with a very charming yacht/law proceeds for my next divorce.

2. New members of the IND are to get their ship name cleared prior to ship purchase. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in our choosing your name for you... You wont like it.

3. You must provide us with a character bio. We are not looking for 5 pages of well researched, footnoted novella. We just want to know that you character and background fit in with the factions RP.

4. New recruits must chop down the tallest tree in the forest, the preferred medium would be a herring but we're willing to compromise based upon individual RP.

Good luck.

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