• Lawful Freighters
  • Civilian Vessels
  • the 100i
  • 600i Explorer
  • 600i Touring
  • X1 Base
  • The 85X
  • 890Jump will be used only by executives of Galaxy Getaways, or prominent individuals of the company who have a sizable stake in a particular region. Depending on shipwrights' progress, the 890Jump, may or may not end up being the flagship of the fleet.
  • Genesis Starliner (assuming if we'll be able to change the colors on the hull)
  • Civilian Boomsticks
  • Zoner Pea Shooters
  • Antimatter Potato Guns
  • Mini Razors for those close shaves.
  • All manner of sneaky ordinance such as mines, missiles and a wacky wavy arm guys attached to the top of your ship to distract the enemy.
  • Flocks of lawyers.
  • Flocks of mercenaries.
  • Rapier wit.
  • Political intrigue, subterfuge, flimflam, chicanery and skullduggery.
  • Did we mention our lawyers?

The privileged information handled on a daily basis by the IND dictates that only the most trusted, loyal and/or ensnared members of the corporation bear witness. As such, the only position within the IND are that of the branch president and attending vice presidents.

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