• the Xi'An or Tal, lovely people really.
  • Banu, sensitive about the invasion of their space, but after Commander Tucker's relations with one of them, they have understood not to shoot first and ask questions later, where humans are concerned.
  • The rather not present, yet still apparently good people of the Tayac System.
  • Mercenaries willing to do a bit of good in the world.
  • Mercenaries willing to do a bit of, ah, well... Morality is all relative, amiright?

We will not honor wild inquiries as to our so called associations with the following parties and denounce it as wild-eyed speculation, and slander. Expect to hear from our lawyers.

of less than sterling repute, DarkSC (as they bring/are the party) and Interstellar Cartel.

Touch and go

  • [blank]. Technically they had outside influence and direct involvement by UEE officers, but not developed enough for close contact.
  • [blank]. occasional visits are permitted, but do not mention return to UEE unless they start the conversation.

  • [blank]. If they want provocation, we'll give eradication.
  • The remaining species of Garron II: Try not to scare them, or they'll start babbling out of frustration.

Police forces of the above races/worlds
  • Vanduul: they want to wear our teeth like jewelry.
  • The Kr'Thak - they're like pirates of the Delphic Expance that the lawmakers won't attack.
  • Tevarin of the Think Tank, his species would rather mumble to themselves. Plus they shoot at us.
Angry farmers of the Lion's Commodities Trading & Transport Syndicate variety; sometimes a body has to haul some synthpaste. It's gonna happen.
The reptilian types of the Imperium - dirty buggers.
Section 31, how we would have trouble with them, I dunno.
The Bandi, because we're better at moving people, and that riles them up some.

Eyed with distaste

The Poor.
The Needy.
The Wretched.
Robots that eat people.
Anyone who reckons to step on our toes.

Shy of being outstanding business partners

Echelon News, and friends. Also! SCUM, Black Star initiative, Eleventh Hour, The Heckfire Jazz Ensemble, Nomads, The Red Skull Corp, rowdy Earthers of the N.A. kind, stoned pilots, Naval females, unwashed bartenders, and similarly unemployable fellows who would opt to make off with one's pocketbook and/or eat you.


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